Colors and Pigments

Iridron's specialities

Iridron produces mainly powder's colors and pigments made, from selected raw material, personally in their factories. The pigments are worked by conventional mullers with stone millstones to obtain an unique high quality product. Pigments are then mixed with resins and oils and then worked by triple roller's refiners, to create painting and decorative products ready to be use. The Iridron products are avalaible in the fine arts or decoration shops all over Italy and abroad.

Mainly products line are:
  • Pigment Powder
  • Acrilyc Colors
  • Oil's Colors
  • Fine Arts Auxiliaries
  • Paints for Fabrics
  • Avrilyc Markers
  • Glitter

Our ability is to create half-worked or complete products, personally in laboratories, so that we can realise standard or personalized products for firms. We can create personalized colors in our laboratory that are suitable for the material or the surface to be colored . In effect there are two different sections for "industrial" and "handcrafted".

We are proud to use the words "Hand Made" and "Made in Italy" because they rappresent our production philosophy. You can find in our website all our products with the tecnical card, if you have any doubt please write in the box Contact Us to receive an answer as soon as possible..
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