Colors for Fabrics' Decoration

The colors for fabric Kromafix, are produced with resins and pigments of high quality and allow multiple decorative applications such as brush, stencils, stamp, sponge, airbrush, and so on.

• Ready to use water based colors, mixed together.
• Suitable for all types of fabric (except silk).
• Intense colors, brilliant, lightfast.
• Easy to fix with an iron.
• Resistant to washing (max 60°C).

• Before decorating fabrics should be washed (without the addition of softener), to eliminate any dressings, starches, or other substances that prevent the adhesion of the color.
• Place a piece of cardboard behind the cloth to avoid getting the color the work plan.
• To decorate stretch fabrics must pull slightly and fix them on a board with thumbtacks to avoid traveling during the work.
• Proceed with the pencil drawing; to decorate light colored fabrics can be put to trace a design in the fabric.
• Colors Kromafix have an excellent covering power, but for dark fabrics, suggest you spread a thin layer of white cod. KR11 on the parts to be colored and after its drying, proceed to the decoration. To improve the opacity is also possible to directly add color to a small amount of white code. KR11.
• diluting the color with the neutral cod. KR10 effects are obtained watercolor.
• After work very well dry colors (24 h.), then iron on the reverse side, not steam, for 3 minutes (place a cloth under the decoration of recovery to avoid soiling), the maximum temperature for the type of fabric used (example: cotton • • • – 200° C).
• After fixation, the colors become resistant to washing up to 60 ° C (washing them at 40 ° C colors remain bright longer). The garments should be washed inside out and for the first wash, suggest you do not mix with other leaders.
• The tools work (brushes, stencils, sponges) should be washed with water immediately after use.