Made from high quality acrylic resin and chalk to gild..
Perfect for all kinds of painting techniques, adheres to all surfaces, creating an unform layer which isolate the colour from the support improving in the meantime the adherence.
Colors available White (art. FG400) and Black (art. FG500).



Primer based made from a selected raw materials.
Adheres to all surfaces (wood, fabric, glass, and so on), reproducing a masonry surface.
It can be used also to thickness technique (not shrink), once dry it can be sanded to achieve smooth surfaces.
it is possible to color it with our powder pigments to obtain chromatic effects basic.
Perfect for all decorating techniques: such as, pictorial, decoupage and so on, it can be easily applied and workable with a putty knife. Clean accurately the substrate and apply an uniform layer, dry in 30 minutes.
For best results you should wait 24 hours before painting. (art. FA600).